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Abcam FirePlex

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Abcam FirePlex provides multiplex immunoassays and microRNA assays with up to 70 targets. Providing comprehensive biomarker profiling, directly from crude biofluids, FirePlex assays are a fast and easy way to accelerate and scale up your translational research while minimizing your workload.

FirePlex immunoassays combine innovative FirePlex particle technology along with Abcam's optimized matched antibody pairs for analyte detection, offering the highest standards in sensitivity and specificity.

The FirePlex Discovery Engine assembles a list of the most important microRNAs and associated genes from the scientific literature for any keyword or topic, putting years of research at your fingertips in seconds.

With our free FirePlex Analysis Workbench you can decode your cytometer output to generate publication quality heatmaps and bargraphs in minutes.