Official protocols, tutorials, and product sheets available to study Firefly BioWorks' complete solution to multiplexed microRNA detection. 

Firefly™ Discovery microRNA Assay Guides and MSDS (formerly called FirePlex® miRSelect)      

       Visual Protocol         MSDS

       Firefly™ microRNA Assay Panel Design Guide 

       Firefly™ microRNA Assay Video Protocol

Firefly™ Analysis Workbench (data analysis software)

     Click here to download the Firefly™ Analysis Workbench.

       User Guide 

       Quick-Start Guide 

      Sample data download


Vacuum Manifold
   Product Sheet  

Cytometer Calibration and Operation Procedures    
 BD Accuri C6-High Throughput    

      BD Accuri C6-Manual Sample Analysis

      Life Technologies Attune      Attune Settings Files

      Millipore Guava 6HT/8HT  

      Guava 6HT Settings Files        Guava 8HT Settings Files        Guava 12HT Settings Files


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